Tapping Into the Untapped Potential in Your Organization

Managing a company is not easy. As problems arise, you may feel it’s your job to handle these things on your own. But there’s no need to handle such issues alone, even if you feel that’s part of your role as the leader of the organization. Help may be closer than you think. In fact, it may be time for you to tap into the untapped potential within your team or organization as a whole.

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Why Handle Things Alone

Most leaders seem to have a certain style in handling their teams. But what about when things go wrong or need to change? With the changes we’ve seen through the last few years, it is certain that change is a daily part of business and life. It’s how we handle that change that can make a team solid or in dire need of help.

Tapping Into Potential

So how do you tap into the untapped potential your team has to offer? According to Carly Fiorina, leadership and management guru, “Anyone who wants to lead a high-performance team has to be keenly aware that there is untapped potential in every corner of their organization,” Fiorina says. “The best CEOs really see the possibilities for unlocking that potential and focus their energy on that.”

Determining your untapped potential may be as simple as looking at your current team and really getting to know them through a different lens. And, as an added bonus, perhaps you’ll retain that employee longer since they could have a more challenging and fulfilling role than previously.

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Uncovering Hidden Talents

According to CEO Magazine, there are steps you can take to find out more about the hidden talent that exists within your team.

  1. Skills Audit – what other skills do your employees have? For example, is your content manager also good with analytics? 
  2. Anticipate Skills & Train Ahead – any newly hired team members that have additional skills that may be beneficial down the road may be untapped potential for the future. Consider mentoring such employees so that you can train them now for needs that may arise within the team.
  3. Remote Contributions – don’t forget that remote team members may be harnessing additional skills that your team can tap into. If your remote sales person enjoys writing, they may be able to add value to your team by contributing content in their sales materials.
  4. Continuing Education – of course, one way to tap into untapped potential is to train your current team members in new things. Once you’ve realized new possible interests in your team members, be sure to train, educate and mentor them into an expanded role. This not only benefits their career goals, but allows them to assist in the company’s goals as well.

Mentoring Guidance

With the upcoming holiday season upon us, realizing your own untapped potential may be challenging. Be sure to set some time for yourself to realize some new goals, which in turn may help you find ways to tap into your team’s hidden potential as well.