“Deborah O’Donnell has a natural talent for helping clients identify and follow through on their specific goals. I strongly recommend Deborah if you are looking for a professional coach who will support, challenge, and partner with you to meet your personal and/or business goals.”

– Alice, New York

“Deborah O’Donnell and I have worked in parallel for a number of years. It is a great joy to get to know her and watch her work ethic and determination to assist her clients. Both my wife and I have referred clients to Deb and she is a compelling practitioner. Her flexibility and understanding of many difficult life issues enables her to personalize with each client she works with; however, it doesn’t preclude her ability to bring disciplined principles to provide the structure required to meet goals. I very much enjoy our professional relationship and find her an uncommon partner.”

– James, Acrobat Marketing Solutions, Inc., Chicago

“I would highly recommend Deborah O’Donnell as a coach. She helped me personally and professionally. Anyone who is at a crossroads in their life should definitely reach out to Deborah for guidance.”

Patti, Chicago

“I appreciate Deborah’s clear and concise communication, and her clarity of vision and purpose. She is gracious and understanding, and I love her commitment and consistency. It is an honor to work alongside Deborah in building her business.”

– Bridget, Chicago

“Deborah O’Donnell helped me uncover and handle a personal restraint that was greatly hindering my professional and personal development. Once found, and more importantly, recognized, we were able to work through it together so I no longer felt constrained. I am most grateful for her patience and guidance to help me uncover that core issue and will forever be indebted to her. I recommend Deborah with neither hesitation nor reservation.”

– Patrick, Chicago
“When I was asked to build a new regional leadership team for an integrated online/face to face business networking group that was launched in Chicago this past spring, the first person to come to mind for the team was Deborah. Her strategic thinking, high energy level and ability to engage people put her on the top of my list. She is a pleasure to work with and knows how to effectively navigate through the “unimportant” to get the important things done. I highly recommend her for these types of leadership roles.”

– Kathryn, Sales-Onsite LLC, Chicago
I invited Deborah O’Donnell to speak at my professional event and could not have been more thrilled. She spoke intelligently, engaged the group in eye-opening workshop exercises, and delivered great career and self-development insight. She really enhanced the event. I would not hesitate to recommend her.”

– Nancy, Institute of Internal Auditors, California
“Deborah O’Donnell is one of the most solid, capable women I have been privileged to work with. She is dedicated to her mission and is always well prepared and knowledgeable in whatever she puts her hand to. I consider my success contributable to her many years of guidance and fair but consistent direction in helping me and my staff exceed our own expectations.” 

Carolynn,  Accustaff, Florida
“Deborah O’Donnell has a way of invoking positive thinking and feeling and I would recommend her, and have, to help someone get through a tough time and to be able to see the future in a different and positive light, and work towards getting to that place.”

– Cynda, Chicago

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