Experience Rodas Coaching’s unique four-phased Executive Career Coaching Process to help you create the career you desire.

Phase 1: Your Understanding

The “Your Understanding” phase allows you to benefit from an action-oriented process, assessment and accountability that will help you in your career and everyday life. Within the “Your Understanding” phase of the Executive Career Coaching Process, you are provided with powerful tools that quickly and accurately assess your mind-set and skill-set levels.

Phase 2: Your Direction

The “Your Direction” phase allows you to benefit from clear, direct insight and goal development. Within this phase, you will create a strategic personal blueprint to achieve your goals.

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Phase 3: Your Shift

The “Your Shift” phase allows you to shift your current perspectives and possibilities that have been blocking your way and your vision. This phase in the Executive Career Coaching Process shows you how to shift perspectives, see situations from various viewpoints, and helps you gain insights to achieve your goals and open the door to your success.

Phase 4: Your Success

The “Your Success” phase illuminates your specific, tangible life and career successes. Here, you’ll find that the secret to your success can be found in your passion and focus. This last phase of the Executive Career Coaching Process allows you to find your passion and stay focused so that you may achieve your goals and desired success. 

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