How Successful Job Seekers Use LinkedIn

linkedin makeoverLinkedIn studied job seekers who successfully found a job within three months and how they use LinkedIn. Below are tips to get the most out of LinkedIn for your job hunt:

  • Add new skills to your profile – Add relevant skills to your profile so recruiters looking for candidates with your background can find you
    *91% of successful job seekers listed 5 or more skills
  • Add a professional profile photos – Doing so puts a face to a name and helps project a friendly and approachable image
    *89% of successful job seekers had a profile photo
  • Get endorsed for your skills – This helps you show that you have what it takes to get the job done
    *81% of successful job seekers had 10 or more endorsements
  • Broaden your professional horizons – Take 10 minutes each day to read the hottest news in your industry
    *81% of successful job seekers were engaged with content on LinkedIn

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