Tips for Networking at Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 2Many people put their job search on hold during the holidays but Thanksgiving gatherings and events can be the perfect time to network. After all, networking is all about making a connection with people and using that connection to help one another. Before you bring up your job hunt at the table, review the tips below to make the most of your networking:

  • Identify what kind of help you’re looking for – Just asking for vague “job help” isn’t going to cut it. Spend some time figuring out the kind of help you need so you are able to make an intelligent request for specific, useful assistance.
  • Connect and research – Start connecting with relatives on LinkedIn and Facebook and use Google to find out more about their careers. Look for connectivity between what you need and the lives of your friends and family members: Where did you aunts and uncles and cousins go to school? Where do they work?
  • Practice you pitch – If you’re going to ask for help, you’ll want to give your listener a solid understanding of what it is you’re looking for and why they should help you out. Remember, how you ask is as important as what you say.