Are You Correctly Using These Important LinkedIn Features?

linkedin makeoverI’ve talked a lot about the benefits of using LinkedIn to find a job. It’s one of the most useful social sites for networking and job searching, but you may not be maximizing what it can do for you.

Below are three commonly misused LinkedIn features. Use these tips make LinkedIn work for your job search.

  • Headline – Your headline functions the same way the headline of an advertisement would – its primary purpose is to get the audience to want to read more. If you currently have your job title as your headline, it may not be working for you. Use your headline to tell viewers what you can do for them. If you want to be found in a search, you have to pack your headline with the keywords for which you want to be known (and keep it under 120 characters.)
  • Groups – Are you using groups to build your network? Like-minded professionals in your group can help you reach your goals by being a regular part of the conversation. You can also use groups to get introduced to new resources and open doors to prospective clients or employers.
  • Headshot – People want to connect a face with a name. A professional headshot will add credibility to your profile and get you noticed. Try to have your face take up about 80% of the space and face forward or to the left, looking into your LinkedIn content.

What other LinkedIn features have helped you with your job search? You can connect with me on LinkedIn here.