Habits of Mentally Strong People

build self confidenceHow strong is your mental health? Huffington Post defines mental health as a psychological concept that encompasses emotional intelligence, grit, resilience, self-control, mental toughness and mindfulness. It’s the reason that some people are able to overcome any obstacle, while others crumble at life’s daily challenges.

The ability to cope with challenging emotions and situations is a significant predictor of our success and happiness. The most capable individuals in this way are able to turn an obstacle into a source of growth and opportunity. So, how do they do this? What tactics do they use to overcome adversity?

Below are 5 essential habits of mentally strong people:

  • They see things objectively – The way we perceive a situation has a huge power to either help us or harm us.
  • They let go of entitlement – An attitude of entitlement can make it more difficult to deal with challenges.
  • They keep a an even keel – Emotional stability and the ability to keep a cool head is an enormous asset when it comes to dealing with challenges.
  • They live in the present moment – Being present allows you to see things as they really are.
  • They know when it’s time to let go – Just as important as perseverance is the ability to recognize that you can only control your actions, not the results of those actions.

You can see the full list of habits and practices here.