How To Spot Good Recruiters

InterviewFinding the right recruiter for you can be difficult. Job seekers often complain about recruiters being hard to reach or unhelpful, but professional recruiters do exist. If you’ve had trouble connecting with the right recruiter, use this advice on how you should go about choosing what recruiters to work with.

Identify Strong Client Relationships
Ask a recruiter how long they have been working with a particular client and how many placements they’ve made within the firm. Being represented by someone with no real client relationships can be worse than sending your resume in yourself.

Identify Signs of Honesty
Look for hints of brutal honesty early in the process. The best recruiters are the ones that tell you what you don’t want to hear – that you aren’t fit for the job, that your resume needs work, etc. Be leery of someone who promises the world and then disappears.

Find Someone Who Will Sit Down With You
Look for a recruiter who will want to meet you in-person to understand what you’re looking for and what you would like to avoid. Great recruiters don’t just represent good resumes, but also good people.

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