Six Ways to Keep Employees Engaged

Staying motivated and engaged in any role has been challenging these days. Some days you’re in the office and are seeing your coworkers in person, other days you’re working from home and holding meetings through Zoom.


Not only do you have to keep your motivation up and engagement high with your peers, regardless of where your office is located for the day, but you have to motivate and keep your staff engaged, even when working from afar. This can be a heavy burden to bear for anyone, much less those who find themselves in a leadership position. So how do you stay motivated and engaged?

Ongoing Motivation and Engagement

Regardless of your role within a company, every manager’s “job” is to keep productivity high so that company goals can be achieved. How is this done? Through ongoing motivation and engagement. Keeping morale high, positively engaging with your team, offering constructive criticism, along with positive feedback can help your team stay engaged. 

According to, employee engagement is important for a productive work environment, making individuals more focused and motivated. Additionally, “the level of engagement can directly affect a company’s overall culture.”

Investing in Your Employees

With the “Great Resignation” still going strong, investing in employee engagement may mean a couple of things. For example, employees who are engaged in their company may be less likely to take time off and may stay with the company longer.

Ultimately, C-Suite executives are the ones who should be concerned if their employees are feeling engaged enough in their current roles to show up each and every day. So, how can you drive employee motivation and engagement?

Check out these six tips you can implement within your organization.

  1. Keep communication lines open.
  2. Encourage teamwork and collaboration.
  3. Offer feedback on a consistent basis.
  4. Recognize your team’s hard work; be sure to show your appreciation.
  5. Provide resources that help achieve your employees’ success.
  6. Invest in career development.

Understanding what your team needs will help you foster a more engaged environment.  Contact Executive Coach Deborah O’Donnell at Rodas Coaching for more information on how to engage and motivate your team.