Networking Effectively – The Key to a Successful Job Search

Why a quick follow up is important

In life and in your career, time is of the essence.  How many of you have had an interview, sent a thank you and then never followed up with the interviewer or the organization?  How many of you have met someone, had an enlightening conversation and never followed up with that person?  Whether you’ve just had an interview, met a new contact or had a phone conversation with a recruiter, acting quickly is the key to turning these connections in to potential opportunities for a job.

According to Gordon Curtis, author of “Well Connected,”  “If you are the quickest to respond to an opportunity or the fastest to follow up on a conversation, you will be considered the most responsive person overall, even if, truth be told, you are actually a procrastinator.”

It is important in today’s job market to do whatever it takes for you to stand out in the crowd, while also staying in control and not leaving voicemails or e-mails that basically say, “don’t forget about me.”

Here are 5 tips on making your networking effective in gaining employment:

  1. Respect people’s time
  2. Be clear and concise in all communication
  3. Strategically build relationships
  4. Always say Thank You
  5. Remember to pay it forward by helping people as much as you are asking for help

Enjoy your week!

Next weeks blog will come on Tuesday due to Memorial Day on Monday, May 30.  Have a wonderful holiday and continue to move your life and your career forward.