Are You Ready to Manage Your Team in the Office Again?

The last few years have challenged businesses, the C-Suite and their employees. Everyday normalcy changed and we learned to navigate. We grew and learned how to work remotely in an efficient manner. We also learned how to navigate the day-to-day in a hybrid manner as well. Now, it is time for yet another change…heading back to the office on a daily basis like in years past. Are you ready to manage your team through these changes?

Office setting

Will Hybrid or Remote Disappear?

While it may seem that many companies are pushing to come back to the office, will the hybrid and/or remote workplace disappear completely? Most likely, it will not. 

According to, “one of the key benefits of a hybrid workplace policy is the increased flexibility it provides for employees…, which helps boost productivity.” As for working remotely, also tells us that remote work offers a better work-life balance, leading to a higher sense of job satisfaction.

Moving Forward

Companies need to continue to move forward and this includes going back to the office. While working and interacting with colleagues through Zoom has been working well enough, true and long-standing relationship building stems from in-person interaction, thus a return to the office is necessary. Even office culture needs to have people in the office to form the much needed culture employees thrive upon.

Aerial office meeting with three people sitting around a table

While businesses embraced the hybrid and remote office model during the pandemic, the current business model may need to change again in order to move forward. While Zoom was what businesses needed (and still do), nothing can truly replace the exchange of ideas that occur in person, such as problem-solving with peers, and through interactive meetings. 

According to, employers are becoming firmer on mandatory return-to-office policies. It also seems that companies are beginning to require that office-based work is mandatory for job vacancies versus hybrid or remote work.

Preparing for the “New” Norm

Just as the corporate world became comfortable with a remote workforce, the hybrid workforce challenged our comfort level again, yet businesses adjusted. Now C-Suite and the like find themselves gearing up for yet another change, which is ironically what most corporate individuals were used to initially, the forty-hour work week in the office. 

Will going back to the daily routine of an office present some obstacles for you to overcome as a leader? Are you ready to manage your team in person? Consider reaching out to an executive coach. An executive coach can offer mentoring and provide solutions that will help you navigate this next phase of what is yet to come.