LinkedIn Statuses for Job Seekers

One of the most underutilized features of LinkedIn are Status Updates.  Updating your LinkedIn status is a great way to communicate with your network and keep your connections informed of your activities, professional developments, and accomplishments.  As a job seeker, your LinkedIn statuses can be used as a tool to promote your personal brand and can help your network see what you’re all about professionally.

Below are a few ideas for your next LinkedIn status.  Instead of always saying it outright, use these tips to let your network know that you’re looking for a job.  Post about:

  • Networking events, conferences, or seminars you’re attending
  • Links to blog posts you have written to showcase your skills and knowledge
  • Links to helpful articles, websites, or blog posts written by well-respected subject matter experts that your network will benefit from
  • Questions related to your industry that others in your network could answer
  • Companies that you’re interested in working for or interviews that you’re preparing for

Remember that every time you update your status, it’s shared with your network connections.  To post a status update, click in the box beside your profile picture on your LinkedIn home page and start typing.  Click ‘Share’ to send your LinkedIn statuses out to your network.

Are you in the middle of a career transition?  I’d love to connect with you on LinkedIn!  You can find me here.