How To Set Realistic Goals

targetThink back to this time last year and the New Year’s resolutions and goals that you made – did you stick with them? If you’re like most people then probably not. What if this year could be different? It can!

TED tells us that there’s a science to setting goals. Kelly McGonigal, a psychologist at Stanford, shares four research-backed tips to help you craft and carry out successful goals below.

  • Choose a goal that matters
    Our brains are wired to love rewards so we often set simple goals but a meaningful goal requires going deeper. Think about what you want in the coming year and then ask yourself why you want that – three times in a row. This will drive home why that goal matters and that motivation can help you as you work toward that goal.
  • Focus on the process
    When we set goals, it’s easy to focus on the outcome when we’ve reached the goal. Ask yourself, what is the smallest thing I can do today that helps me reach my goal?
  • Frame your goals positively
    How you describe your goals makes a big difference. Focus on what you want to bring to life, not what you want to avoid.
  • Prepare for failure
    Moments of failure are inevitable but we can’t abandon the goal entirely when minor setbacks start piling up. Ask yourself, how am I likely to fail? That mental plan can help you react to things that might trip you up.