Create what you want and desire

Create what you want and desire:

Valentine’s Day brings the romance out in all of us. Often times it’s a day that we’d LIKE to have the romantic drawn out of its shell. Whether you’re in a relationship, or spending this Valentine’s Day with friends, or by yourself, it’s a day to reflect on all of the relationships in your life that bring you joy, love, and contentment.
There are many references and reminders that you may have around Valentine’s Day and what it means. What we think can make us experience positive or negative emotions depending on our past. Many of our feelings around this day come from outside influences, such as TV, magazines etc… We often keep our feelings because of the repetitive messages that seem to bombard us during this season of commercial love.Know that you can choose how you feel about this day and that you are able to create whatever you’d like to create from this day forward.
Try not to listen to the outside forces and what they are saying about what this day is supposed to be. Do not pay attention to messages unless they are uplifting and empower you. You’re excellent just the way you are.
If you desire a relationship and do not have one, great! This is your opportunity to get clear on exactly what you want. Now you’re in a perfect area to begin to create a new relationship.
If you’re in a relationship and it is not exactly what you want, fine. Now you can better understand what you DO want in a loving relationship, based on the contrast you are presently dealing with.
Valentine’s Day, whether you’re coupled or not, can be a day where you celebrate the romance that’s going to arrive! But, you must be proactive in this. You are the one who gets the first say and has the creative control over what you want in your relationship.
Enjoy this day and spread as much love and romance around to everyone you know!!