What Does Spring Break Mean To You?

What does spring break mean to you?

It means just relaxing and not having to worry.

Spring Break is a chance to get away from it all. A chance to catch your breath so you can catch up on rest and gather strength.

This winter our country experienced record freezing temperatures with sustained durations of excessive snow, sleet, and rain.  As the snow is melting and the earth is shedding it’s cold temperatures, are you ready to shed all of your negative thoughts and throw away the worry, guilt, and energy draining activities that have kept you from creating the life that you want and deserve.

Although it doesn’t feel like it here in Chicago, with the high of 32 degrees today, it is SPRING and time for a spring break, whether, you are taking a week or two off and physically going on a vacation or if you need a mental time out and break from the stress of every day life to prepare for the new season and create what you truly desire.

The definition of spring break is “A period of recess, usually lasting one week, during the spring term at school.  Although you may not be in school, this is a great concept to incorporate into your life every year during this season.

Here are the top 10 things to do on a spring break:

  1. Volunteer: Giving back to others can be the biggest reward, and Spring Break is a wonderful time to do that giving.
  2. Movie Marathon: Got a list of movies that you are just dying to see? Have some friends over and watch them one after another.
  3. Read a Book: If you are a reader, Spring Break is a great times to catch up on your reading. You have the free time to immerse yourself in your favorite authors’ books. Head to the library or the bookstore to pick one up.
  4. Try Something New: Got something that you wish you had time to try? Take the time this week to learn a new skill or try a new activity.
  5. Just “Veg”: Life can be pretty non-stop. Take an hour or two during your Spring Break to actually take a break. Spend some time relaxing.
  6. Family Time: Spend some quality time with your family during your Spring Break.
  7. Go Hunting: Is there something you’ve been wanting for a while and you just can’t seem to find it? Or are you a vintage clothing or music lover? Think about something that you really enjoy and then go hunting for it. Spend some time heading out to vintage clothing stores, used booksellers, flea markets, etc. See if you can’t find that ever-elusive thing on your mind.
  8. Get Organized: Spend some time on your Spring Break cleaning up and putting things in order. Take those files on your computer and put them into easy-to-find folders. Hang up your clothes and put things away. It may not sound like the most exciting activity, but you will be pretty proud of your organization when you are done.
  9. Travel in your home town: Learn the history of where you live and partake in touristy things in and around your own neighborhood
  10. Be grateful: Spring Break means that you have down time, meaning you have time to think about all that you are grateful for in your life.   Make your gratitude list and use this as a tool to move you forward in your life this spring.

I am on SPRING BREAK this week!!  Enjoy!!