The Gift of Executive Coaching

You’ve attended college, you “paid your dues” and are living the dream. You spent years preparing yourself for the job you wanted and, hopefully, have. But what’s next? Climbing the corporate ladder, as it stands, is part of the desire you most likely have. 

Unfortunately, executives learning to grow are finding that their employers are falling short on the coaching that one needs to help them learn new skills for success in their career growth. So, how do you achieve this? To achieve growth, you must seek a professional that is dedicated to the craft of executive career coaching.

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Prepare Yourself for the Next Level of Your Career

Anyone can use continued development. Ideally, we should always be learning and growing. And, executive coaching will do just that…it will help strengthen your career goals or even prepare you for the next level of your career. 

Push yourself and get out of your comfort zone to do the work you want to do. Do you need to refine those leadership skills? Do you need to become a better communicator to get your messages across? If the answer is yes, then you’ll certainly benefit with a mentor to coach you in the journey from mid-level manager to a C-Suite leader.

What to Look for in an Executive Coach

Focusing on you during this time of growth is imperative. How else can you strengthen your career goals and focus on development if you don’t put yourself first. Executive coaching will help you find the focus you desire to achieve the growth you need. 

But what should you look for in an executive coach to ensure s/he aligns with what you’re seeking?  According to Forbes, there are five traits to look for. 

  1. A Defined Process – a coach should have a clear process of what you’d be achieving and how you’ll achieve it.
  2. Feedback On You – a coach should gather input from colleagues to get a true sense of how you’re perceived and your capabilities.
  3. Skills – a coach should offer you new skills and knowledge that you can put to use.
  4. Confidentiality – your sessions should be just between you and your coach.
  5. Success – your goals should become achievements geared toward your successes.

Open Doors to Your Best Career

To help you determine if executive coaching is for you, start here, with a free look at Opening Doors to Your Best Career.

And when you’re ready to tackle your career or leadership growth, give executive coaching a go and unlock the possibilities that await you. From executive coaching to leadership coaching or even life coaching, contact Executive Coach Deborah O’Donnell at Rodas Coaching for more information.