How To Have A Better Day

build self confidenceLife these days can be hectic. With all of our to-do lists and commitments, life can seem pretty overwhelming. For a better and simpler day, try a combination of the following tips from Huffington Post:

  • Slow Down – If you feel constantly rushed then slowing down occasionally is a must. You need to know when to take your foot off the gas a rest a little.
  • Forget the Small Stuff – Vilfredo Pareto’s 80/20 rule states that in any particular pursuit that we undertake approximately 80 percent of the results may come from just 20 percent of our efforts. What this means is that some of us are spinning our wheels most of the time. Try to identify the 20 percent that really matters.
  • Learn the Power of No – Learn to say a polite “No, thank you” to invitations that don’t let you spend time with those you care about or are things that get you closer to your goals.
  • Limit Negativity – Don’t even entertain it. Reduce external negative voices by surrounding yourself with the right people as much as possible.
  • Give Back – The things that give us the best feelings or that we’re most proud of often involve giving or providing a service to someone else. Make giving back a constant goal.

Living simpler often means we live better. You can see even more tips for embracing the power of simpler living here.