Tips for a Successful Mid-Life Career Change

Navigating a career change can be tricky at any age, but it becomes more complex as we get older. The risk factor is higher but age shouldn’t stop you from making a career change.

successful mid-level career change tipsWill I find a job? Will I succeed in my new career? There is no risk-free career change but the following guide can help you shape the odds by doing it right:

  • Figure out your strengths and interests – The key to any career search is to uncover your unique strengths, motivators and skills. Identify what energizes you and how that can translate to a new career.
  • Realize that work cannot make you a happy person – A career cannot fulfill you as a person. This is a time for reflection of what’s important to you.
  • Create a financial plan – Changing your occupation is difficult on your wallet if you don’t handle it carefully. Before you embark on change, get your finances in order by paying down your debt and putting money into your savings account.
  • Set realistic goals for your career – Begin by discovering your true career goals through self-assessment (books or online assessment) or by working with a coach.
  • Tap into your professional networks – The people you have in your circles can be good allies when it comes to a mid-life career change. Talk to those who are currently working in your target career.

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