Career Coaching

Career and Transition Coaching Areas of Focus 

Career and Transition Coaching with Deborah O’Donnell is for exceptional people who know and demand personalized career coaching programs focused on their very unique needs.  Her only focus is about getting real results and going above and beyond traditional routes to help you achieve your career goalsCareer Coaching focus areas:

  • Career Professionals Transitioning to more meaningful work
  • Personal Branding -How to differentiate yourself
  • Career Development, Career Growth, Career Transition
  • Communication Skills
  • Leadership Development
  • Interview Skills
  • Linked In, Networking Skills
  • Resume/Cover Letter Review
  • Career Assessments
  • Work/Life Balance Strategy

Opening Doors to Create a Meaningful Career

Many people spend their lives in careers and jobs that merely pay the bills. Others, in their careers, have created wealth. Still others are in the process of “making it” and climbing the success ladder. Regardless of which category you find yourself, there is one ingredient that unites us all: our work.

  • Are you ready to open the door to a fulfilling career?
  • Are you doing not only what you are good at but also what you love to do?
  • Do you look forward to going to work?
  • Can you say: “I can’t believe I’m getting paid for this?”
  • Do you know what you’re genuinely passionate about?
  • Do you feel that you should be promoted in your current organization?
  • Are you stuck trying to decide whether to stay in your field or leave?
  • Do you know what career you want but can’t figure out how to get there?
  • Are you looking for top level coaching for a life transition?

Questions and goals like these are exactly what Deborah is trained to help you answer and accomplish.

Although everyone’s career experience is unique, we provide tools, perspectives, maps, exercises, and general assistance that will assist you in opening the doors to the career path you desire and deserve.

Rodas Coaching works with you and your unique situation to customize a plan that is right for you. As a highly experienced Certified Career Coach, Deborah will guide you through the process and help you open the door to your dream career.

Feeling Stuck? Time for a New Career?

You DO deserve a fulfilling career and there is a way to figure it all out.

You will have an experienced coach by your side to provide encouragement, support, and accountability as you open doors toward meaningful work and a more fulfilling career. It’s your life. Make it magnificent!

Deborah is an expert at helping you get focused and to find the right career.

Here is your personal invitation to get started

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  • E-mail Deborah at to schedule your complimentary  1 on 1 consultation
  • Call 312-798-7404 to Take the “Career Liftoff Assessment”
  • Resume Review

Career Liftoff Assessment

A State-of-the-Art Career Exploration Resource for Career Guidance and Career Fulfillment

Finding the right career – one that is rewarding, meaningful, and enjoyable – is one of the most challenging and exciting things a person will ever do.  Once you have a direction you can begin to look at other variables such as your values, motivation, skills, etc. to assist you in opening the door to your dream job.

After you’ve completed the Career Liftoff Interest Inventory career assessment you will receive your career assessment report on-line from your coach, Deborah, which includes a list of occupations for your top 6 areas of interest. The narrative report contains new and emerging occupations and can set you on the path for a new future that will open doors to your career success.