Is Your Resume Making You Look Old?

It’s possible that your resume could be saying the wrong thing about you. Your resume is a reflection of you and you don’t want recruiters thinking that you’re outdated because your resume is. Does your resume need an update? The Ladders blog will help you figure it out:

  • Listing a home phone number – In this mobile age, it’s importation to be accessible when a recruiter tries to contact you. Listing your cell phone number, rather than your home phone number, on your resume will enable you to maintain contact during the recruiter’s workday and will also give you control over who answers.
  • No profile URL – Recruiters are likely to look at a candidate’s social media profiles. Include a URL to your LinkedIn profile (or other social media professional profile) so recruiters don’t have to guess or mistake you for someone else.
  • Resume Objective – These days, a professional summary is better than an objective because it tells the employer how you’ll meet their needs. Sell your job candidacy by giving the reader your elevator pitch and explain what you’re best at and how you can provide value to a prospective employer.