How Much Effort Are You Putting Into LinkedIn?

linkedin makeoverAre you making LinkedIn work for you? Are you hitting the LinkedIn goals you set for yourself? If not, you may not be putting forth enough effort to really engage with others on LinkedIn. To do that, you must include information in your profile that shows you are good at what you do and that you are an expert in your field. You must demonstrate your expertise and your passion for your profession through status updates, discussions in groups and comments on other people’s updates.

Whether you have three-minutes or 30-minutes to spend on LinkedIn, YouTern tells you how to make the most of LinkedIn features:

Low Efforts – Good Results

  • Include a specific call to action on one section of your profile (Summary and/or job experiences sections)
  • Add your specific contact information in your Contact Info and Advice for Contacting sections

Medium Effort – Better Results

  • Post a daily status update
  • Add Publications or Projects sections to your profile
  • Comment on the updates and published posts of influences in your industry

High Effort – Best Results

  • Share articles you’ve written using LinkedIn’s Published Post feature
  • Post frequent individual status updates
  • Post or monitor group discussions relevant to your industry

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