Career Development

We hear this term often.  What does it mean and how can you use it to move yourself into a career that brings you joy, happiness and success?  Career Development is a term used for the methods an individual uses to advance in their career. Included in career development are one’s educational qualifications, skill sets acquired, self-actualization or personal fulfillment, and recognitions and acknowledgments gained over a period of time. A career-development plan is the key to making sure you continue to develop throughout your lifetime.  Career development is as important today as it has ever been.

Below are actions you can take to enhance your career and continue your development to creating the career you desire and deserve.

  • Set goals
  • Design your own development
  • Stay Competitive
  • Be Flexible
  • Demonstrate Professionalism and Desire

Other important steps you can take to further you development, include:

  • Education: Find courses that will teach you how to do other tasks at work. Sometimes your employer will pay for these courses, and other times the employer won’t. If you feel like it is necessary, spend the money.
  • Identification: Pay attention to the other positions at your company in case there is downsizing or a merge. If you don’t know what other employees do on different floors or in different departments, you may not know your competition.
  • Significance: Ask your boss what other tasks she’d like you to take on. Although some of your talents may not be used at this company, your boss knows the tasks that are necessary.
  • Potential: Evaluating your resume can make an employer realize just how much of an asset you are to the company. Regularly update your resume when you have acquired a new skill, especially during annual evaluations when it is time for a raise.
  • Time Frame: Set a goal of how long it will take you to learn a particular craft. Make sure to stay on track to learn it.
  • Networking: Attend conferences and meeting with other companies to find out different ways for your employer to profit.

My challenge to you this week is to take a serious look at your skills, talents and abilities in your career.  If you see a need for development, do one thing this week that is going to move you forward in your career.  Make your development a life long journey.

Enjoy your week!!