Holiday Strategies for Navigating Board Opportunities

As the year winds down, many executives are setting their sights on new goals, and for some, this means securing a position on a corporate board. The holiday season provides a unique opportunity to lay the groundwork for success.

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Board Membership in the New Year

What actionable steps should an executive consider taking over the holidays? Consider utilizing these five strategies over the holiday season to ensure a positive start towards board membership.

1. Reflect and Define Your Value Proposition – take advantage of the holiday break to reflect on your unique strengths, skills, and experiences. Define a clear value proposition that you can bring to a board. Specifically, what makes you stand out and how you can contribute value to a board.

2. Strengthen Your Presence on LinkedIn – update your LinkedIn profile to reflect your goals and interest in board service. According to Forbes, “Your digital persona is part of your personal and professional brand.” Highlight key achievements, leadership experience and skills relevant to corporate governance. Expand your network by connecting with professionals in the board and governance space; share relevant insights and engage with thought leaders in your industry.

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3. Leverage Seasonal Networking Opportunities – the holiday season offers many networking opportunities. Attend relevant events, connect with former colleagues, engage in meaningful conversations, and express your interest in board positions. Remember to be authentic. As you reconnect with professional contacts during the holiday season, express gratitude for their support. Building and maintaining positive relationships is essential in the world of corporate board placement.

4. Stay Informed on Industry and Governance Trends – demonstrate your commitment to industry and governance excellence by staying informed on current trends. Equip yourself with the knowledge needed to contribute meaningfully to the boards you aspire to join.

5. Seek Professional Guidance – reach out to individuals with board experience for mentorship. Seek advice on the complexity of the board process and how to position yourself effectively. A knowledgeable mentor can offer valuable insight towards a path to a board seat.

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A Board-Ready New Year Awaits

The holiday season is not solely dedicated towards seasonal festivities. It can also be a time to focus and reflect on your aspirations and goals. The holidays present an opportunity to reach out to your network for insights or even introductions. By strategically utilizing this time, you can position yourself for a board-ready new year. Consider enlisting the support of an executive coach with expertise in board placement. And, be sure to embark on your board journey by leveraging the holiday season, ensuring a positive and impactful start to the New Year.