Networking Through the Holidays

According to The Ladders, networking is the number one way to land a job and advance your career! Not only are you ten times more likely to land a job when your resume is accompanied by a referral, but by getting an inside look at the company through your connection, you’re more likely to be a good fit.

As your calendar begins to fill up with holiday events, remember to make networking a priority. Below I’ve rounded-up some of my favorite networking blogs for you.

Networking When You Want a New Career
How do you answer “what do you do?” when you’re looking for a new career? Use these alternative conversation entry points to help you steer networking conversations with confidence.

Networking Effectively – The Key to a Successful Job Search
It is important in today’s job market to do whatever it takes for you to stand out in the crowd. Use these tips to make your networking effective in gaining employment.

Find New Ways to Network
Networking is a lifetime process. Even after you find your new position, it is important to continue networking throughout your career and life to build strong connections. Strong, healthy connections keep us happy, healthy, and moving forward to create the life we desire.