Living a Happy, Satisfying Life

One way you can live a happy and satisfied life, is to start doing things that make you happy and satisfied. Sure, it sounds easy, and it can be easy if you remember to make yourself one of your top priorities.  It is second nature to us to neglect ourselves, feeling that it would be selfish if we took any time out to focus on our own being. While it is good to take care of others and other important things going on in your life, it is just as important that you never forget about yourself. Discover who you really are and what matters most to you. Living a great life does not just happen. It requires, planning and following those plans to a life that reflects who you truly are.

Most people avoid planning goals and dreams in their lives because they may have a fear of committing to it or failing. They feel that by officially writing it down, they would actually have to go through with pursuing it. This is where you need to rate the importance of your life missions.

What is most important to you? Is it getting a new job, losing a certain amount of weight? Getting your degree? Spending more time with your spouse or children? Whatever the reason or reasons may be, just write all of them down. You may feel that making a mental note of your goals and dreams is enough, but you could very well be setting yourself up for disappointment and failure. By writing it down, you will become a visual witness of those goals.

This weeks activity:

Write your goals and dreams in an organizer.   Challenge yourself to get those goals and dreams out of your head and written out on paper.  Make them real. Commit today to creating a happy, satisfying life.