Live By Your Core Values

The secret to a fulfilling life and successful career:

Live by your core values everyday.

Values are our beliefs about what matters to us. And as such, they will be a significant determinant of our inspiration to pursue a particular course or result in our lives. Values are beacons that beckon us toward our greatest emotional rewards and to the extent that we heed their call we will be happy; conversely, to the extent that we ignore their call we will suffer emotionally.

The significance of values can be witnessed in every great accomplishment in life.

What drives a Donald Trump, Warren Buffet or Bill Gates to excel? Only they can say specifically what causes them to continue the pursuit of their dreams long after money is no object but rest assured, the reason they get out of bed every morning is to accomplish something very important to them.

Success through values motivation energizes not only the achievers but often those around them. Which of us have not been inspired to raise our internal bar after witnessing an outstanding performance or reading an inspiring story? It is said about Mother Theresa that pilgrims from around the world, many of them non-Christian, come to pray at her tomb daily and many more follow her example of humble service to the poor and needy.

The savvy business owner will harness the power of values to define their mission and invigorate their employees. For example, the Patagonia Company states their mission as:

“Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.”

So today, take time to revisit your core values.  List them on a piece of paper, show them to everyone you know and find out if you are truly living to those values everyday to create the life and career that you want, desire and deserve.