Gratitude in the Holiday Season and Beyond

Tis the season…the season for gratitude. While this is important to show during the holidays, it is equally important to show on a daily basis, as gratitude may be overlooked and “reappear” during the holiday season. Showing gratitude to your employees can impact morale and lead to a more productive workplace.

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Simply Grateful

Your team is working daily toward achieving company goals. In what ways can you aid in their productivity? You can do this by showing how much you appreciate the work they put in on a daily basis, i.e. celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and milestones, gift cards, and offer training and developmental opportunities. 

Showing gratitude doesn’t have to be complicated. Something small and simple can be effective. Whether you thank someone in private or offer praise in a meeting filled with colleagues, a little goes a long way in letting people know they are valued.

According to CEO Magazine, most people need to feel valued to be at their best. So how does that translate to a top level manager showing recognition to every person on the team? By looking for those genuine opportunities to praise a team member for the value they bring and then taking the time to be truly grateful. When offering recognition and gratitude, make sure it is heartfelt and justified.

The Impact of Gratitude

While employees within an organization have the ability to show their appreciation for another employee, there is a deeper impact when that praise comes directly from the top. According to a Gallup poll, “nearly one-quarter said the most memorable recognition comes from a high-level leader or CEO.”

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What type of high-level recognition is most memorable? According to Gallup, there are six that tend to stick out for most employees. 

  1. Public recognition with an award, certification or commendation
  2. Private recognition from an upper level manager or peer
  3. Receiving high achievement through an evaluation or review
  4. Promotion or increase of responsibility 
  5. Monetary award
  6. Personal satisfaction 

Be sure to be aware of daily, or at least weekly opportunities to praise your team. Focus on all performers, not just those individuals who need a morale boost. Then, when you see something, show your gratitude in the moment. And, be sure to offer gratitude during the holidays and all year long.