Confronting Your Leadership Challenges

Everyone finds themselves struggling from time to time; whether you’re new to the company, have been there for a year or have made a name for yourself as one of the company’s leaders. But what are you struggling with, exactly? Work-life balance? Daily motivation? Managing your personal career growth as well as the company’s overall corporate growth in today’s environment?

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Our new way of doing business finds all of us needing some type of support in one area or another. From growing your leadership skill set to figuring out what the latest trends are to making sure your company stays on top, it doesn’t need to be a task you take on alone. Start small and build from there. And a good way to do that is by taking it one task at a time.

Challenges C-Level Executives are Facing

What challenges are you facing in your day-to-day activities? Many might say there’s a misalignment in perception found within leadership effectiveness. And, according to a study done by DDI, a global leadership consulting firm, there are a few key takeaways on what challenges CEOs are facing these days.    

  1. Leadership Quality
  2. C-Suite Leadership Quality
  3. Leadership Development for Executives and CEOs

Leadership Quality

Focusing on the first challenge CEOs face today, leadership quality is something that needs some attention. The main takeaway is that the quality of leadership found within an organization needs improving. According to DDI, CEOs may not have clear enough expectations, which creates a disconnect, allowing mid-level leaders to fall short of their goals. So how does one fix this?

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Whether it be internal coaching or meeting with an executive career coach, coaching managers and C-level leaders may have beneficial results, particularly with leadership expectations. Ideally, in order to be an effective leader, you need to know how to lead. 

Developing a leadership mindset with a career coach will allow you to fully develop yourself personally and within your organization. And a leader that can lead their team in a productive manner, with clear expectations, will be able to work with unforeseen challenges that CEOs and C-level leaders may face in today’s environment.

C-Suite Leadership Quality

If you ask the CEO of any company how they feel about their senior team’s leadership quality, the answers will obviously vary. However, according to DDI’s study, the longer a CEO has been with a company, the more disheartened they may feel about their senior leadership teams.

Perhaps the current work structure we are all facing has something to do with this. CEOs can also benefit from executive coaching, as it may help boost some skills that have fallen by the wayside or improve behaviors that are coming through due to current stresses they are faced with. After all, if a CEO doesn’t display quality leadership skills that senior management would want to emulate, then the organization as a whole may suffer.

Leadership Development for Executives and CEOs

From C-Suite leader to CEO. You’ve made the transition. But who handles the leadership development for your new role? An executive coach fits the answer to this question, particularly since CEOs, who are expected to have all the answers, may have some questions of their own. And a personal guide can help you navigate the new terrain. 

When CEOs are able to receive some form of mentoring in an area that he or she may find themselves struggling with, then they are able to be more effective leaders to their senior management teams.

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Executive Coaching for the Win

Obtaining assistance in areas you may find yourself struggling in can only benefit you. Executive coaching can help you become more knowledgeable in areas you may struggle in, and you may learn more about yourself as well. And this knowledge makes you a more well-rounded person and leader.

Enhancing leadership skills requires effort. Be the senior level manager or CEO you’re meant to be. Strengthen those leadership skills and be successful. Contact Executive Coach Deborah O’Donnell at Rodas Coaching for more information.