Mid-Career Professionals In Transition

Most people in today’s world will find themselves having between 3 and 7 careers over their lifetime.  Mid-career is that point after entry level and about 10-15 years out in the workforce.  It is here, were you will find yourself being asked, “what skills do you bring to the table,” and “can you demonstrate your ability to lead a team.”

Many find themselves asking after 10 or 15 years, is it time for me to make a mid-career change.  Is it time to transition into something else where I’m not so bored, or someplace where I feel inspired?  Once you begin asking those questions you begin the journey of looking for more meaningful work rather than looking for just another job.

In the Transition:

Once you decide to make the transition, it is important to get focused, set up a plan and a strategy to execute that plan.  If you are in need of help during any time of your mid-career change, ask for help.  Most people do not want to do this type of work alone.