4 Ways to Make Tough Decisions

tough decisions at workExecutives often find themselves having to make tough decisions. Though the decision may positively impact your business, being bold and showing courage can be scary.  This behavior, though, is exactly what will help you succeed. History has proven that those with the guts to lead change are the winners when things turn around.

Here are four ways that you can be bold and make tough decisions at work:

  1. Be courageous – Boldness comes from your head and courage comes from your heart. Successful business owners and executives are the ones that can combine the two. Even if you are afraid, do not let fear paralyze you.
  2. Move toward your fear – There is always fear of the unknown. Fear is not something that should be avoided.
  3. Stay in front – Your subordinates need to see you as a bold and courageous leader. Lead from the front to inspire those around you and to show that you’re a team player.
  4. Embrace anxietyResearch says that a little anxiety may help you perform at you peak. Feeling a little scared about the consequences of a tough decision will help you be bold.

Do you have tips for dealing with  a tough decision at work? Share them with us in the comments below.