Top Skill Sets in Major Cities

Are you considering a career move? If so, you may want to take geography into account. You may not have noticed, but cities attract and nurture clusters of workers with complementary and contrasting skills. So you may be interested in an area that has a rich environment of talent in your specialty. Or you may want to find a place where you’d stand out by offering a unique capability.

By mining skills and locations of LinkedIn users, the professional social network built a map that highlights the skills which define almost every major city in each region. You can see from the sample set below that there are very different pockets of skill sets across the US.

Screen shot 2014-11-20 at 2.17.04 PM

Chicago, IL
Top Skill Category: Business
Top Skills: Market Research and Insights, Trading and Investment, Account Management

Madison, WI
Top Skill Category: Farm & Agriculture
Top Skills: Farm & Agriculture, Life Sciences, Chemistry

New York City, NY
Top Skill Category: Finance
Top Skills: Trading and Investment, Fashion Clothing, Theatre and Drama

Sacramento, CA
Top Skill Category: Real Estate
Top Skills: Ecology & Environmental Science, Integrated Circuit Design, Renewable Energy

Austin, TX
Top Skill Category: Computer
Top Skills: Integrated Circuit Design, Game Development, Embedded System

You can see the full list of cities and interactive map here. If you’re considering a career move, keep in mind that the professional attributes of a city can matter just as much as the attributes of a particular company.