How To Move Forward Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

How many times have you decided to try something and everything you do to attain a goal just doesn’t seem to be working, whether it is a new career, relationship or something about money? Why is it that some people can keep going and others just give up?

It’s all about Mindset! That’s right, MINDSET! Do you wake up every day saying, Good God it’s Morning or Good Morning God!!!! The latter seems to produce something in people which keeps them going and moving forward to obtaining their goals.

This idea of Mindset, can also be used in the job search. Jen Weigel, in an article in the Chicago Tribune writes that “98 percent of employers thought it was more likely that a person with the right mindset could develop the right skill set instead of the other way around.” So just think, if you are job searching, and you begin to shift your mindset to being more positive, you may be able to land that next job.

This week, ask yourself, “What mindset do I want to have?” and go out into the world to practice any new mindset that you choose. Pay attention to how life changes with your new mindset.