Leadership Goals

If the New Year has you searching for what new leadership goals executives are striving for, then you’re not alone. The last couple of years have been unique, to say the least. Companies shifted when 2020 put the world remote. As a result, leadership shifted as well and everyone adapted to “the new norm” of everyday life in a remote office.

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Now, three years later, what can one expect in regards to C-Suite leadership? What’s continuing to evolve? What needs to change or shift? Let’s look at some areas that may help you head into the right leadership direction.

Value-Based Leadership

While being an ethical person is important, it’s even more so when in a position of leadership. Not only does an ethical leader have a clear set of values that he or she lives by, your employees should be able to see this and work by these same ethics and values. Leaders who lead at a “win at all cost” mentality don’t have a place in the C-Suite and will not attract or maintain employees.

Profitability Over Growth

While many companies were aiming towards growing the company, now the time has come to make the company profitable. Cutting budgets is certainly one way to achieve some profitability, however, C-Suite leaders may need to think outside the box and do more.

Diversity and Inclusion in the Office

If your team has not placed enough importance on diversity and inclusion, the time to make amends is now. According to Forbes, “The time is right for taking corrective action when it comes to building a truly diverse and inclusive workforce.” Research has found that companies embracing diversity and inclusion are enjoying a higher level of performance from their teams.

Create A Happier Work Culture

It’s time to close the gap between those working remotely and those working in the office and create a cohesive working environment. According to Entrepreneur Magazine, to make hybrid working situations better for the whole team, be sure that time in the office is more productive for everyone. Consider creating a happier work space that allows all employees to enjoy the benefits of working in the office.

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Invest In Your Leadership Skills

You made it “to the top” for a reason; you’re a good leader. But are you embracing new skills to develop yourself into an outstanding leader? Are you able to change and adapt as fast as the changing landscape of business these days? 

Just as your 401(k) is an investment towards retirement, focusing on your leadership skills is an essential investment as well. Entrepreneur Magazine states that, “…we are likely to see an investment in leadership through coaching, courses, training and exposure to diverse strategies…”

What Lies Ahead

Trying new things, like executive coaching, is an excellent way to continue to adapt to what lies ahead for this year and beyond. And while there are always new business goals or trends to mull over, make sure that any you implement into your daily routine are something that will bring intrinsic value to you and to those you manage.