How To Talk About Being Fired

Being fired is never easy to talk about, especially with a potential new employer. Whether or not it was your fault, the new employer is going to want an explanation and you can’t lie. It’s important to be honest about your exit, but with savvy (if necessary.)

Before you go into an interview, have your answer prepared. You don’t want to be caught without an answer and failure to disclose can put you out of consideration for a position. Be sure to have all the information readily available to address any questions the potential employer might have.

It is difficult – but not impossible – to explain your side of the issue without being negative about your previous employer. Be factual, but remember to steer the conversation back to a more positive area “I was not a great fit for that position when my duties changed. My strengths are much more in the area of…”

Career Advice Report suggests going one step further by saying something positive about your last employer. No matter how miserable your situation was, be the bigger person and find something honestly good to say. Your new employer will consider how you speak about your previous employer as the same way you will speak about them when you’re part of the company.

Getting fired can be disheartening but it’s not the end of the world. Turn it around and make something good out of it. Perhaps your career had stalled and you failed to recognize it. This could be the kick in the pants you needed to get you moving again. If you’re not sure where to turn, speak with a career coach that can help guide you.